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What Is Breakfast Blend Coffee?

So What is Breakfast Blend Coffee?

If you are like me, the morning doesn’t officially start until I’ve had at least one cup of coffee. Some mornings require a few more! That first taste of coffee indicates that the day is off to a good start. But you can’t have just any old coffee to start the day! A breakfast blend is most people’s preferred cup of joe first thing in the morning. But what makes breakfast blend coffee so special?

A breakfast blend coffee is usually high in caffeine to start the day with a punch. It is a light to medium roast coffee with a balanced flavor, smooth taste, and a hint of acidity. They often include Robusta beans to increase the caffeine content without altering the flavor.

Keep reading to find out why this blend is not only special but why so many people trust a breakfast blend to get them going in the morning.

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What Does Breakfast Blend Coffee Taste Like?

If you have never had a breakfast blend coffee before, do yourself a favor and get a bag. You will not be disappointed.

Coffee companies have done a lot of research into what people want in a breakfast blend coffee.

It turns out that most of us want a rich, smooth, balanced, and lightly acidic coffee. Basically, coffee drinkers want a neutral, but tasty blend to start the day off.

Blending South American coffees for their balance and consistency with an acidic and fuller body coffee produces the result these coffee companies want.

This breakfast blend is then roasted between a light and medium roast to keep as much of this flavor profile as possible, and hey presto you have the perfect morning pick-me-up!

Each roaster will blend these flavors together in slightly different ways, but overall, you can pick up any coffee labelled as a breakfast blend and expect a smooth, rich, and balanced coffee.

Does Breakfast Blend Coffee Have A Higher Caffeine Content?

The neat little trick of a breakfast blend coffee is that it delivers on the promise of a good caffeine kick in the morning without knocking out your palate for the rest of the day.

Most of the time, a light to medium roast coffee, like a breakfast blend, has a higher caffeine content than a dark or robust roast.

Dark beans have been roasted for longer. Because of this, they’ve also had more time in the roaster to burn the caffeine out of the bean, so a light to medium roast breakfast blend coffee is often higher in caffeine than darker roasts.

The higher caffeine with a balanced flavor profile is perfect for a breakfast blend coffee.

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How To Get The Most Caffeine Out Of A Breakfast Blend

If you want to get the most caffeine out of your breakfast blend in the morning without changing the flavor profile, then grind your own beans.

As soon as a bean is ground, it releases caffeine and flavor. That’s why freshly ground beans smell so good; the coffee flavor is released from the bean to fill your nose rather than your taste buds.

Home-ground beans have less time to release these flavors, so a breakfast blend coffee ground at home will give the best flavor and the biggest caffeine kick.

Should I Measure Scoops Or Weigh Out Breakfast Blend Coffee?

Always weigh out your breakfast blend coffee if you want a consistent cup of coffee every morning.

A lighter roast coffee is denser than a darker roast, and you may be tempted to scoop in as much breakfast blend coffee as you would for a dark roast later in the day. This is a mistake. To keep the flavor smooth while keeping the caffeine kick, weigh your coffee to get the perfect – and consistent -blend each morning.


Breakfast blend coffees are delightfully light roasted coffee that is balanced and smooth, but it is also full of caffeine.

Breakfast blends help get the day off to a good start without being too harsh on your taste buds. Weigh out your own home ground coffee to ensure you’re getting the most caffeine and flavor from your breakfast blend, and keep trying new breakfast coffee blends until you find the perfect start to each day.


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