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How To Store Coffee Beans for Great Tasting Coffee

How To Store Coffee Beans

Nothing beats starting your day with a freshly brewed cup of coffee. If, however, your favorite cuppa starts to taste somewhat bland despite using your usual time-tested brewing method, it could well be that it’s gone stale. Coffee will go stale a lot quicker if it’s stored incorrectly.

Conserve your coffee beans in their original packaging or an air-tight, non-transparent container and in a dry place at room temperature. Sunlight and other heat sources such as your stove degrade the quality of your coffee, which affects the taste.

Unless you’re storing your coffee with potential contaminants such as fish or other strong-smelling foods, there is no such thing as “expired” coffee. It does go stale pretty quickly, though, particularly if it’s not stored under the right conditions. See great tips below if you want to ensure a freshly brewed cup every time.

Tips For Preserving Your Coffee

How to store coffee beans and keeping them fresh partially depends on when you intend to use them. Coffee has hygroscopic properties, meaning it is prone to absorbing odors and moisture from its immediate surroundings.

One factor, however, remains constant; coffee does not like air, light, heat, and moisture. Follow these tips to keep your coffee fresher for longer.

Buy Your Coffee Often

Coffee starts to lose its freshness right after it’s been roasted. That means it’s best to consume it soon after opening the packaging. If you go to the grocers often, buy your coffee beans in smaller packets, even though it may not be cost-effective.

If you grind your coffee yourself, only grind what’s needed for a single batch, as ground coffee degrades more quickly than beans. Brew the freshly ground coffee immediately.

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No Need To Decant

Coffee beans have good shelf-stable properties, meaning they stay fresh for ages if stored in the original packaging. The packaging usually includes a small hole to allow the coffee to degas carbon monoxide.

There is no need to transfer the coffee beans into a separate container unless you intend to grind and brew the coffee soon after opening.

Keep It In Its Place

If you need to know how to store coffee beans in a container, ensure that it is kept away from moisture and heat. Both these factors contribute negatively to the longevity of your coffee and hence the quality of taste. Do not refrigerate as this will draw moisture and odors from other foodstuffs. It’s okay to freeze coffee if necessary, but do not allow it to thaw; rather, grind and brew immediately.

How Long Can You Store Coffee Beans?

There really isn’t a timeframe for coffee beans’ expiry, and that’s why you won’t find one on the packaging. However, it degrades with time and goes stale, affecting the overall quality and taste.

You can effectively store coffee beans in their original packaging for many years, but do heed the “best before” date so you know how to store your coffee beans. The best quality taste will be within a week or two of roasting.


Luckily, coffee beans have an excellent shelf life and can be enjoyed years after being roasted. Stored correctly and consumed timeously, coffee beans can be ground and brewed anytime to produce a delicious pot of decadent goodness. To get more tips about our coffee please follow us to get more news and tips.

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