Hi! We’re Mike and Sue Nelson.

Husband and wife, best of friends, and shenanigan partners! Most importantly, we are a Christian couple with God at the center of our marriage. We have “Bean So Blessed” in our lives and want to bless others, too.

Over and over again, we have seen God’s goodness in our lives.

Mike is a brain tumor survivor – his tumor was benign, but after surgery, he needed to learn to walk again.  God was with him for every step; today, he is walking as before.

Sue is a two-time colon cancer survivor. She was diagnosed with stage four in 2019 and is now cancer free.  God is so good!

We were both in rough marriages before. Marriages that included alcoholism, abuse, and mental illness.  We both prayed for years for a godly partner, and after seven years of singlehood, God brought Sue to Missouri, where she met Mike.  Country boy meets city girl.  Only God could do that.  We have a marriage centered on Christ, and
our marriage is beautiful.

We’ve shared just a few stories of how God has blessed us.  There are many more! Sue’s story is on our sister website, Woman of Noble Character.

As God continued to bless us, we felt God asking us to love His children as He loves us.  We prayed for guidance from Him in identifying our calling.  When the opportunity to open a specialty coffee company was put before us, we knew this was what God wanted us to do. To open a specialty coffee company that gives back to ministries that serve as Jesus’ hands and feet.

Proceeds from each purchase are donated to God’s Army. God’s Army is a 501c3 ministry that works to provide coaching, training, and additional resources to help each person regain confidence and self-worth, all while helping the homeless restore independence. They are the hands and feet of Jesus.

We may add other ministries to donate to as God puts them before us.

So why coffee? We are self-described “coffee snobs” and have spent
years looking for the perfect coffee. When God put in our path the opportunity to source and sell our own specialty coffee. We save you time by not having to buy and try bitter or lousy coffee. We save you money from buying $6 coffees at coffee chains. Our high-quality specialty coffee is less than $1 per cup.

In addition, we have become certified baristas to provide you with the best possible coffee education, recipes, and news. At Bean So Blessed, you know you are getting the highest quality and best-tasting beans (or ground coffee) while blessing others with each purchase. Shop our broad selection of single-source and blends coffee.