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Can You Freeze Coffee? How to Freeze Coffee Beans and Ground Coffee for the Freshest Tasting Java

I love coffee. You love coffee. We all love some coffee, right? Let’s face it – coffee is love, coffee is life! As coffee lovers, buying coffee often can add up. It’s always more affordable to buy in bulk. But that requires the correct storage to ensure it retains its quality. So, how do you preserve it? Can you freeze coffee, beans, and ground?

You can freeze coffee in all its forms, instant coffee powder, ground coffee, and coffee beans. Always freeze them in well-sealed, airtight freezer plastics or containers (or both), and label them with the date. They will retain the best quality for 3-6 months and then lose aroma and flavor.

Different coffees should be frozen for different lengths to ensure each kind retains the best quality of flavor, aroma, and strength. After a certain period, it can start to deteriorate. Below we will discuss how to freeze various types of coffees and how to make the best of the process.

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Can You Freeze Coffee?

The good news is that you can totally freeze your favorite caffeine product! You can freeze coffee in all its forms, whether liquid or dry. Freezing coffee helps preserve the flavor, aroma, and strength, especially if you have bulk stock.

It is a great way to keep various kinds of coffee if you like switching things up every few days and don’t want to keep a bunch of coffees open at once for months on end. The essential thing to remember is that you should freeze your dry coffee in well-sealable, freezer-safe, airtight freezer plastics or containers (best to do both).

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Can You Freeze Coffee Beans?

Coffee beans are always best if you use them fresh. Very few things in life come close to grinding fresh coffee beans first thing in the morning and brewing that delicious, aromatic cup of caffeine.

Here is how you can freeze coffee beans:

Place your coffee beans in small freezer-safe baggies. Make a few bags instead of one large one. That way, you can take out as you need instead of opening a big plastic and messing with the freezing process that could deteriorate your beans faster.

After pressing out the air and ensuring you seal them well, place all the little plastics into one or a few containers. That way, your caffeine beans will be packed airtight, and it will avoid freezer burn.

Freeze the containers and take out a packet as you need to use. It is best to grind and use them as soon as possible to prevent losing flavor.

Your coffee beans will preserve well for a month at their best quality and three to four months at a good quality. If you store it well and ensure it is airtight, like vacuum sealing them, it may last for up to six months to a year. After that, it will lose some essence, but you will still be able to use it.

Can You Freeze Coffee Grounds?

If you want to freeze coffee grounds, you can freeze an entire bag of newly bought sealed ground coffee. We recommend that you place it in another freezer-safe baggie to ensure it is safe from freezer burn and protect it further.

If you want to freeze freshly ground coffee or an open bag, you can follow the precise steps mentioned above for coffee beans. Ground coffee can last much longer, especially if you seal and store it well. Again, ensure that you freeze it in smaller batches to use it as you need instead of opening a large packet of frozen coffee grounds and risking faster deterioration.

Ground coffee will preserve for six months at its best quality and up to 2 years if you vacuum-seal it. If it is not vacuum sealed, you might get a year of good quality with freezing, and after that, the coffee will start losing its aroma and robust flavor.

Note: If you want to freeze instant coffee, use the same steps as freezing ground coffee. Instant coffee will hold flavor much longer than the others at the best quality.


Can you freeze coffee? Yes! You can freeze coffee to preserve it for longer and use it as needed. Ensure to follow the freezing method and times stated above for best results. Now you can always enjoy quality coffee with robust flavor and a mesmerizing aroma daily!

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