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What is Single Origin Coffee, Why It’s So Popular, and Finding the Best One for You

What Is Single Origin Coffee?

If you’re a regular at your local java shop, you have probably seen the words single origin pop up. But do you know what that really means? Unless you’re a coffee enthusiast, you are probably still unsure about the terminology that seems to be popping out everywhere.

Single origin coffee is a coffee specific to a terroir that gives the coffee bean a specific characteristic flavor of a single area according to the growing conditions such as soil type, rainfall, altitude, shade cover, time of year, level of fruit maturation, and agricultural techniques.

Having a better understanding of the meaning of single-origin coffee will help you improve your appreciation for this specialized coffee and appreciate that this is a type of coffee that needs to be savored rather than grabbing a cup of joe on the go.

What is Single Origin Coffee, Why It's So Popular, and Finding the Best One for You of beans for the post

What Is Single-Origin Coffee?

So-called single-origin coffee refers to coffee grown in a geographical location that uses the same coffee bean. It is not blended with a collection of different beans from different areas, called a blend.

However, single origin can have slightly different meanings, so understanding the three different circumstances in which single-origin comes in helps you enjoy and appreciate the characteristics and flavors of the coffee more.

Single Origin

This terminology may describe a coffee bean found on a specific farm, multiple farms from the same area, or coffees from a specific country.

Estate Coffee

This term indicates beans grown on a large plantation or a collection of plantations in a country that produce their coffee at the same mill.

Micro Lots Or Nano Lots

These are specialized coffee harvested from a specific field, farm, or altitude that gives it a unique characteristic, often fetching much higher prices due to the handpicked beans and careful selection process to ensure quality over quantity.

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Why Is Single Origin Coffee Popular?

The third wave of single origin coffee hype has slowly been experienced over the last few decades as people focus more on appreciating authenticity and high-quality flavor; they have become more aware of why single origin coffee is so loved.


Flavors in single-origin coffee can differ according to the growing conditions of the trees, altitude, soil conditions, rainfalls, shade cover, and agricultural techniques all play a part in creating a unique taste and aromatic flavors of that specific area.


Much like wine drinkers, coffee lovers appreciate that a single-origin coffee can be traced back to where it comes from and what farm it grew on. This helps coffee farmers solidify their brands and holds them accountable for quality.


Probably the most valued factor of single origin coffee is quality. Cultivating small batches allows the farmers and roasters better control over the quality of milled and roasted beans to deliver top-quality flavor notes.


Most importantly, single-origin coffee has many positive reasons why you want to try it out. One negative that I can say about it is the price. Like most things, special and unique products affect price, and so is single origin coffee affected by a higher price for scarcity and exclusivity.

What Does Single Origin Coffee Taste Like?

Single origin coffee flavors will depend on the region from which it is harvested and the growing conditions surrounding the beans. It will also slightly differ in taste depending on the seasons. However, it generally has lighter and brighter notes compared to blended coffee.

Single origin coffee produces unique flavors that are original and unaltered, a lighter roast of subtle aromas that produce exotic tastes of floral and citrus fruit notes. Once you drink it, you’ll know why you need to get some for your home brewing.


Suppose you are looking at sitting down and taking the time to enjoy a cup or single-original coffee that is best extracted through the process of cold brew or pour-over. In that case, you will understand why coffee aficionados love and respect this type of coffee.

Good things should never be rushed; slowing down to enjoy a truly unique coffee is worth every minute.

Now you never have to wonder what single origin coffee is again! You are an expert!

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